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Last year alone, over 6 million loving pets faced euthanasia due to shelter overcrowding. At K&L Animal Rescue, we're committed to reducing these heartbreaking numbers. Your donation can provide these vulnerable animals with the care and shelter they desperately need, helping us to save lives and prevent unnecessary euthanasia. Please consider supporting our cause.

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Our Mission

At K&L Animal Rescue, our mission is to address the urgent challenge of overcrowding in animal shelters by providing a safe haven for unidentified pets rescued from the streets. We are dedicated to reducing the number of animals in need through active involvement in spaying, neutering, and medical support. Our commitment extends beyond rescue operations; we strive to influence positive change through advocacy for stronger animal cruelty penalties and the promotion of animal rights. Central to our ethos is a vision to curtail and ultimately end the practices of breeding and backyard breeding. Our long-term goal is to establish multiple facilities across the United States, significantly reducing the necessity of euthanasia due to overcrowding and ensuring a compassionate, responsible approach towards animal welfare.

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K&L Animal Rescue tackles shelter overcrowding and animal homelessness, focusing on rescuing, medical care, and rehoming street dogs, and reducing lost pets through awareness and microchipping.

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Passionately fighting for a world where every pet is loved and safe – Join us in ending shelter overcrowding and advocating for animal rights!

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